. Next generation sequencing technologies have decreased the costs and inomned the throughout associated with DNA sequencing Which of the following are comidered a restration sequencing technologies! Choose correct wers. 454 pyroteine Caryo CS 2. Which of the following techniques would be performed by a person practicing bioinformatics? Check all that apply incesto Gerbank doing home 3. Which of the following is the best definition of miRNA Interference technology? Sense RNA molecule that blends perfectly to transcript of interest after being deved by an and the bands to the target transcript with the help of arbeten to since the game Ante RNA molecule that bindingerfectly to act of the bencaveva bonucleoprotein and then binds to the target transcript with the help endono che Anties molecule that hinde perfectly atract of interesting and endorice and then binds to the target tort with the help me to the Anterior A molecule bin perfectly to cret of where the bench ind the birds to the target tort with the help of a concerto che Which of the following are not example products of recombinant DNA technolog? hepatitis B vaccine produced in yeast calls extracting and peritying imutin trompir O gente modification of Streptomyces to produce novel antibiotics human insulin produced by Eco

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