Which of the following accurately states Mendel’s Principle or Law of Segregation? O Mendel’s principle explaining the reasons that when the monastery cook made soup, he had to cook the green and yellow peas in separate pots. The principle that alleles received from one parent for a particular trait segregate from the allele for the same trait received from the other parent during the formation of haploid gametes, i.e. during meiosis O Mendel’s discovery that when he planted different varieties of pea plants in separated or segregated beds, the recessive alleles would never be expressed in phenotypes. O refers to the tendency of organisms to segregate and thus avoid mating with other organisms in the population that look noticeably different from them. Question 14 2 pts What is the term used to refer to smaller scale, often shorter term changes in genotype or phenotype frequencies within a population or species. O cladogenesis microevolution O phyletic gradualism ооо O anagenesis Question 15 2 pts What is the term for the “force” of evolution that involves a change in the nucleotide sequence of DNA or chromosomal directions coding for the synthesis of a particular protein or other biomolecule? O translocation mitochondrial transformation nuclear degeneration O mutation

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