Experiment: Johe Endler, of UCSB, sdied wild guppies in the Aripo River system oen the Caribbean inland of Trinidad. He transplanted 200 gppies to pools containing killifish, less active predators of guppies He tracked the number of bricht-oolored spots and the total area of those spots on male gappies in each generanion Can predation result in naal selection for celor patterms in guppies? Interpret the results What would happen it, aher 22 months, gappies from the transplanted populaticn were retured to the source poolh See the figure on the next page 22-130 EXPERIMENT ww Teles r RESULTS 10 Source Transplanted Source population population Transplanted papulatien pepulaten 6. According to J.P Grime, what are the three main types of plant life history strategies? Create a scenario for cach type where this plant strategy could dominate. 7. What are characteristics that make up a life history? What are some questicns ecologists can ask regarding an organism’s life history? 8. What advantages and disadvantages are there to semelparity and to iteroparity? Give examples of each. 9. How can variation in environmental conditions influence an organism’s optimum life history to survive under a range of conditions? 10. Under what conditions should natural sclection favor production of many small offspring versus the production of a few well-provisioned offipring? 6/3/19, 9:30 AM Page 2 of 3 Mww.E (7OERzCIWDuhYKNe67nlgaYSEvcZMo5kukg ods pames

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