The Use of Small Molecular Inhibitors in Treating Cancer You are working in a lab that focuses on studying cancer. Your lab is looking for proteins to target with small molecule inhibitors to try to stop the over-proliferative, over-mutative, and/or over-survival phenotype of cancer cells. For each of the following proteins, would developing a “small-molecule” inhibitor (a molecule that can bind the protein and inhibit its function in some way) be a good way to treat cancer cells? Explain your reasoning for each. A. A small molecule inhibitor that inhibits the ability of tubulin to hydrolyze GTP B. A small molecule inhibitor that inhibits PTEN (the phosphatase that switches PIP3 to PIP2 in the survival signaling pathway) C. A small molecule inhibitor of BAD D. A small molecule inhibitor of RGS (assume that this GPCR pathway is involved in cell division signaling, as some are)

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