Name: Date: Balancing Equations About Chemistry http://chemistry.about.comBalance the following chemical equations. 1. Fe + H2S04Fe2(SO4)3+ H22. C2H6+ O2H2O + CO23. KOH + H3PO4K3PO4+ H2O 4. SnO2+ H2Sn + H2O 5. NH3+ O2NO + H2O 6. KNO3+ H2CO3K2CO3+ HNO37. B2Br6+ HNO3B(NO3)3+ HBr 8. BF3+ Li2SO3B2(SO3)3+ LiF 9. (NH4)3PO4+ Pb(NO3)4Pb3(PO4)4+ NH4NO310. SeCl6+ O2SeO2+ Cl2

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