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Briefly describe the different types of joints in the human muskulo-skeletal system.
(b) Explain the changes that occur in the human body that can give rise to the need for
biomedical implants.
(c) Briefly describe the typical materials and components in a typical total hip replacement and
explain how these are chosen to integrate well with the femur and the hip.
(d)Using sketches to support your answers, identify the typical materials that are used in
intraocular eye lenses and heart valves. Identify the design challenges and the scope of the
market for intraocular lenses and heart valves in the U.S. and globally.

)Using sketches to illustrate your answer, briefly describe the appendicular and axial skeletons
in the human muskulo-skeletal structure.
(b) Explain how the biceps and the triceps apply forces to raise and lower the ulna and the
(c) Proving specific examples and using sketches to illustrate your answer, briefly describe the
similarities and differences between the raising of limbs in an organism with an exo-skeleton
and one with an endo-skeleton.
(d) Describe the hierarchical structure of muscles and explain how muscles contract from the
molecular level to the macro-level.

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