You are helping your younger sibling with their science fair project. This project involves placing three leaves in three beakers. The contents of each beaker are as follows: • Beaker #1: full-strength hypertonic solution • Beaker #2: medium hypertonic solution Beaker #3: hypotonic solution Your sibling is lazy and asks you to tell them how you expect the leaves to behave in each solution. First, describe what structure within the leaf will be affected by the different conditions above. Second, describe how these changes occur. Bio 202 Summer 2020 Tu; Th: 9-12 pm Part III-extended response. /19 You have decided to analyze a new species of plant that your Principle Investigator (P.I.) has isolated from the Amazon rainforest. Please answer the following questions: A) Your P.I. asks you if this plant has root hairs because this plant has isolated from an environment that is far away from water. Do you think your sample will have root hairs? In your response, briefly describe the main tissue type from which root hairs originate. Also be sure to describe their function (1 pt.; 1pt; 2 pts.) B) Your P.I wants you to prepare a wet mount of some tissue slices obtained from this new plant. How would you prepare this mount for viewing under the microscopo? (2 pts.) C) Below is an image of the wet mount you made in Part B. Please identify and briefly describe three of the labeled parts. (1 pt. per correct label; 2 pts, per description; 9 pts, total) Focus

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