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  Briefly describe the role that each of the following plays in a skeletal muscle cell during contraction:
 Acetylcholine
 Troponin
 Tropomyosin
 Calcium ions

2. Describe how 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class levers are different from one another. Indicate whether each class of lever is a speed lever, power lever, or whether it can be both. 

3. Explain how skeletal muscles are able to produce smooth, graded contractions from muscle twitches using summation and recruitment.

Fluorescence is (or can be, as discussed in this lab) an important part of: [choose all that apply] confocal microscopy scanning electron microscopy Fermentation FACS transmission electron microscopy ELISA light microscopy Cell cycle analysis Cellular respiration Louise was performing a confocal experiment in cell lab on a bright, sunny summer day and she followed the protocols exceedingly well to stain her tissue culture cells for analysis. Since she was also doing summer research and her research lab has a confocal microscopy open and available, she asked before starting if she could analyze her sample there instead of waiting in line with the other students and was given permission. Once finished, she grabbed her prepared slides in her hand and walked halfway across campus to analyze her samples in that lab. Upon analyzing the cells, she found that the signal was extremely weak but her classmates ended up having extremely strong signals from their confocal analysis. Same batch of cells, same reagents, same protocols. What likely went wrong here? Explain. Design a simple experiment only using 2 different conditions and using any of the tools you had virtually available this summer to address the following question: Do your adherent human embryonic kidney (HEK 293) tissue culture cells produce a cytokine called TNFa (tumor necrosis factor alpha) in response to a novel small molecule drug that was developed in a research lab on campus they’ve called XXPR7? What is your control? How do you test the drug? What test will you perform? What do you expect the readout to from that test (i.e., what do the results look like for that assay)?

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