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Briefly describe the security measures each company is using to protect their information, secure purchases, etc. Answer the following questions for both websites, Ross & Kohl’s

1. Does their URL begin with HTTPS or change to HTTPS when you log in or submit a transaction?

2. Does their site have a link to their privacy policy?

3. Does their site promote any type of security certificate or symbol? IE. Verisign.

4. Does their site require you to create an account; login and password requirements?

5. Does their site offer security questions if you forget your password?

1) What makes Starbucks product/service unique? What is their philosophy and/or purpose. This guides their actions, spells out their overall goal, and guides decision-making. ?

•2)What is their “pathway to customers”?
• 3) Provide details about pricing, promotions and distribution; consider the “4 Ps” of marketing (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)

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