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Compare and contrast the characteristics of a functional organization to those of a project organization.

In this section, you begin working on your course project; you will return to this assignment three more times during this course. At this stage, it is essential to select a topic that interests you and that has a broad scope for research and further study. Select your topic with care.

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At this point, identify a topic for your case study analysis and research paper. You may select any of the cases located in Part 5 of your text Business Policy and Strategy, (Tenth, Ed). Write a paper in which you identify the case study you will work on during this course project. Note: it must be one of the case studies in part 5 of the text in Business Policy and Strategy, (Tenth, Ed).

Your paper should include the following components:

An introduction

A description of the case study (summary)

An initial assessment of the company under consideration

A short list (five to ten sources) of potential research materials)

An overview of the challenges you anticipate when completing this project

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