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Compare change in the coastline for imagery form 3/2015 and 9/2014. Measure the change in beach width. Estimate the rate of erosion in feet per month for the beach in this area. Hint: use the ruler tool to measure the change in with. Problem 4: Chicago, IL Identify the erosion resistant structures along the Chicago shoreline. In which direction is the longshore current indicated to flow. Problem 5: Galveston, TX Identify the large coastal feature on which Galveston is built. What type of coastline is this? This region of the U.S. is commonly impacted by tropical storms and hurricanes which create storm surge and flood the coast. What is the surface elevation along the off-short coastal feature observed? Just give a range or average Examine the NOAA “Galveston Storm Surge” layer and read the elevations. Are you likely to need flood insurance if you live in Galveston? What if you live in Houston? Problem 6: Wilder Ranch St. Park, CA You might be able tapply to names to this coastline. What features do you observe and what type of coastline is present? Identify the feature at 6a. How many of these features are present between 6a and 6b? If the oldest terrace is 320,000 yrs., calculate the uplift rate in the area. Hint: determine the elevation changes involved. Problem 7: Examine the large scale features at these locations. Possibly take a look at the place names. Identify the type of coastlines shown at 7a and 7b. This is more of a regional look. Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO Landsat / Copernicus IBCAO

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