Which of the following statements is true regarding plant cell cytokinesis when compared to animal cell cytokinesis?    

A) The contractile filaments found in plant cells are structures composed of carbohydrates; the cleavage furrow in animal cells is composed of contractile proteins.

B) Plant cells divide after metaphase but before anaphase; animal cells divide after anaphase.

C) The structural proteins of plant cells separate the two cells; in animal cells, a cell membrane separates the two daughter cells.


3) Which statement describes correctly the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction?
A) Asexual reproduction, but not sexual reproduction, is characteristic of only plants and fungi.
B) In asexual reproduction, offspring are produced by fertilization without meiosis.
C) In sexual reproduction, individuals transmit half of their nuclear genes to each of their offspring
D) Asexual reproduction produces only haploid offspring.

4) Which of the following is an appropriate description of a cell’s genetic contents if it has completed meiosis I and the first cytokinesis?
A) It is genetically identical to another cell formed from the same meiosis I event.
B) It has one-fourth the DNA and one-half the chromosomes as the parent cell.
C) It has half the amount of DNA as the cell that began meiosis
D) It has half the chromosomes but twice the DNA of the parent cell.

5) What is the major difference between mitosis and meiosis I in a diploid organism?
A) DNA replication takes place prior to mitosis, but not before meiosis I.
B) Sister chromatids separate in mitosis, while homologous pairs of chromosomes separate in meiosis I
C) Sister chromatids separate in mitosis, while homologous pairs of chromosomes separate in meiosis II.
D) Only meiosis I results in daughter cells that contain identical genetic information.

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