Compare the reproductive strategies of ascomycetes and basidiomycetes. In your answer, make sure to talk about the major reproductive structure(s) unique to each fungal class. I 3. Please describe heterospory and discuss its reproductive advantage. 4. Briefly discuss the two advantages of seeds. 5. You have isolated root tissue from a new plant species and have determined that this tissue consists of relatively young root cells, all of which are actively dividing. From what part of the root did these cells arise? Also, briefly describe the developmental journey taken by these new cells within the root of the plant. 6. Compare and contrast the arrangement of vascular tissues in monocots and dicots. 7. What is one strategy evolved by plants to increase the surface area for nutrient uptake? 8. What is the difference between primary and secondary growth? During secondary growth, what are the two special tissue types discussed in class and what does each tissue type give rise to in woody plants? 9. You are helping your younger sibling with their science fair project. This project involves placing three leaves in three beakers. The contents of each beaker are as follows: Beaker #1: full-strength hypertonie solution Beaker

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