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Directions: Construct a timeline of events highlighting the “25 turning
points in Earth’s history”. You may add illustrations. (50 points)

Turning Points in Earth’s History
Birth of the Planet (4.5 billion years ago)
The Origin of Life; First Organisms (4-3.5 billion years ago)
Continents Form (3 billion years ago)
Breathable Air (2.4 billion years ago)
Complex cells (2-1 billion years ago)
Origin of Mating (1.2 billion years ago)
Big organisms (1 billion years ago)
A Frozen World (850-635 million)
The Cambrian Explosion (535 million years ago)
Plants colonize the land (465 million years ago.)
The first mass extinction (460 – 430 million years ago)
Fish that walk on land (375 million years ago)
Dawn of the reptiles (320 million years ago)
Pangaea (300 million years ago)
The great dying (252 million years ago.)
The first mammals (220 million years ago.)
The Triassic extinction (201 million years ago)
The first birds (160 million years ago)
Flowers flower (130 million years ago)
Death of the dinosaurs (65 million years ago)
The first primates evolve (60 – 55 million years ago)
Supercharged plants (32 – 25 million years ago)
The first hominins (13 – 7 million years ago)
The human race (200,000 years ago)

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