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 What is an opportunity? An opportunity must have the capacity to generate value, either Economic value, Social value, or Environmental value, and must be unique. Think of an opportunity that you know of that is not only new and potentially useful, but also has the potential to generate economic value.

 Normal Duration Activity Predecessor Crashed Duration Cost to crash (per day) (days) (days) A none 6 4 150 KD B A 2 250 KD C A 2 170 KD D А 3 2 75 KD E B, C 7 5 175 KD F C D 4 3 50 KD G EF 3 3 can’t crash H G 2 1 100 KD 지 0 21 23 이 회의 ), 9 A NI N 0 GS IA If task F gets delayed by 5 days, what happens to project completion time? a. Completion time gets delayed by 11 days b. Completion time gets delayed by 2 days c. Nothing. Project Completion time stays the same. d. Completion time gets delayed by 3 days e. Completion time gets delayed by 5 days If my client will pay me a bonus of 600 KWD if I can deliver the project early by 3 days. How much can I profit? (Take the bonus of 600 KWD minus the least cost to crash 3 days) a. 600 KWD b. 200 KWD c. 150 KWD d. 550 KWD e. 325 KWD f. 400 KWD 9. 100 KWD h. 800 KWD 1.300 KWD 1. The cost to crash 3 days is more than the bonus If I want to crash the project by 1 day. Which would be the cheapest task to crash to achieve this? a. D Сь. В CH d. A e. f.G If task F finishes faster by 1 day, what will happen to the project completion time? a. Project completion time be faster by 1 day b. Project completion time will get be faster by 5 days c. Nothing. Project completion will stay the same d. Project completion will get delayed by 1 day e. Project completion time will be delayed by 3 days

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