Define and give examples of each of these terms: epistasis, pleiotropy, polygenic inheritance, and the effects of the environment. during a In Labrador Retrievers, there are three main coat colors – black, chocolate, and yellow. The black and chocolate colors result from the presence of the protein diet om melanin in the fur. Black (B) is dominant to chocolate (b). A black lab is either heterozygous or homozygous dominant while a chocolate lab is homozygous recessive. A second gene, the E gene, codes for the actual deposition of melanin in the fur. A dog that is homozygous recessive for this gene (ee) will not have any melanin deposited in their fur, and therefore be yellow in color. This is an example of: el odw nozzo otaqvionog su svi 3. The Himalayan bunny has a gene that codes for the deposition of melanin in its fur. Melanin will be deposited in the colder parts of the body, such as the ears, nose, and feet. The warmer parts of the body do not have melanin and are white. This is an example of 4. A frizzle chicken has feathers that curl upward, rather than lying flat on their body, Chickens who have the frizzle gene also have increased metabolism, higher food consumption, accelerated heart rate, and delayed sexual maturity. This is an example of 5. There is evidence that as many as 16 genes code for human eye color, with the two primary genes located on chromosome 15. This is an example of

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