Define aneurysm and explain how it affects laminar flow? 19. Endothelial injury, LDL cholesterol deposition, and depletion of nitric oxide (NO) are detrimental for someone suffering from 20.Define autolysis or apoptosis and name a disease occurring from lack of apoptosis and another disease resulting from excessive apoptosis. 21. is tissue death as a result of prolonged ischemia. 22. When there is a lack of coronary artery blood supply. A myocardial infarction occurs. How is a myocardial infarction confirmed? 23.Name the type of necrosis seen with question 18. 24.Name the anaerobic bacterium that proliferates in exposed necrotic tissue and emits a gas identifiable as a foul odor associated with gangrene. 4 pe 32. Explain what a Punnett square is, and design one for hair color if black hair is dominant (BB or Bb) and blond hair is recessive (bb). Genotype for father is recessive, and genotype of mother is heterozygous. Explain what the probabilities are he 33.Explain Knudson’s two hit hypothesis. 34.Differentiate from a tumor suppressor gene (pro-oncogene) and an oncogene. 35.Explain what a translocation is and give an example. 6

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