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Define Geophysics and describe 3 geophysical surveys that could be conducted during a land based exploration program.

List the 3 main steps involved in the Seismic Exploration Method and describe what an oil company might use this Seismic data set for.

When was Easter Island “discovered”? Who found it and how did it get its name?

In addition to the large stone moai, what other discoveries were found on Easter Island?

How many people live on Easter Island today?

Who were the original Islanders? When did they get there?

What was the estimated population of the island at its height?

How many statues are still located in the Rano Raraku quarry?

How were the statues moved? (List some of these theories)

What purpose did the statues serve? What is the Rapanui name for the statues?

What happened to the statues that were located on the raised platforms?

When was the quarry abandoned? What did archaeologists also find appearing at the same time?

What do the skeletal remains of the in habitats show around this time?

What reasons likely led to the endemic warfare?

What did the pollen analysis reveal about the original environment of Easter Island?

What did the Dutch sailors find when they arrived at Easter Island?

What is the significance of the Orongo site on Easter Island?

What causes finally led to the collapse of the Easter Island Civilization?

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