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Define relative and absolute rights by giving one example for each. What is the relevance of erga omnes and drot de suite to these rights? Briefly explain. Dear EAS 302 Students, • PLEASE PUT YOUR PHONE IN AIRPLANE MODE. • FOR YOUR OWN GOOD / BENEFIT. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR SOLUTIONS WITH EACH OTHER. ANY SIMILARITIES WITH THE ANSWERS WILL CAUSE YOU TO FAIL. Your Midterm Exam will consist of classical problems. Exam questions will be available on the 21th of April, Wednesday, at 9:15 am on UZEBIM course page. You must complete and submit the excel documents and the picture of your calculations via UZEBIM until 21th of April, Wednesday 11:00 am, at the latest. The duration of the exam will be 90 minutes. Your exam will be made up of 2 parts. • In part one you will use excel program to answer the questions given. Write your Name- Surname-Department-Course Code at the top of the excel sheet. Then, rename the worksheet and specify the question solution number. • In part two you will use calculator to calculate and comment on the question given. You need to solve each question (by specifying the question solution number) by writing clearly and legibly on a piece of paper. Do not forget to write the course code, name- surname and your student number at the top of each page and do not forget to sign cach page. You should take a photo of the answers that you have prepared with your handwriting. Then please convert it to pdf. and sent it as a single pdf document via UZEBIM. INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT YOUR MID-TERM EXAM: • It will be your responsibility to submit your assignment on time. Any failure to upload the solution on time, there will be a deduction of 1 point per minute. PART 1: Please answer and upload the following question as Excel document. The Easterwood Corporation Capital Budgeting. Cost of new plant and equipment: $ 20,900,000 Shipping and installation cost: S 300.000 Unit Sales: Year Unit sold 1 100,000 2 130,000 3 160,000 100,000 5 60,000 Sales price per unit: $500/unit in years 1-4,5380 / unit in year 5 Variable cost per unit: $260/unit Annual Lixed costs $ 300,000 Net Working Capital (NW) Requirement: There will be an initial working capital requirement of S 500, just to get production started. Then, additional networking capital investment each year equal to 7% of the dollar value of sales for that year. Finally, 90% of net working capital will be liquidated at the termination of the project The Depretation Method: Seven-year MARCS percentage will be used. It is assumed that the plan. In five year, this equipment can be sold for about 20% of its acquisition cost. Assume that the tax rate is 35% and the required return is 25% Assume that Dophical Corporation has hired you as the financial assistant to prepare a Pro Forma Income Statement. Given the above information, prepare a Pro forma Income Statement and determine the free cash flows associated with the project, and apply / calculate the following investment technique on Excel A) the Net Present Value B) the Internal Rate of Retum C) the Profitability Index (Bonus) PART 2: Please answer and submit the following question as pdf. Make sure that your hand writing is readable and do not forget to write your name, your department and your signature at the end of your answer sheets. 1- Use all of the information given / calculated in section one and via calculator calculate the questions given below. As a financial manager for each section discuss whether the project is acceptable or not. a) Apply the Net Present Value and comment on your result. b) Apply the Internal Rate of Return and comment on your result c) Apply the Payback Period and comment on your result. (Assume that preset time is 5 years) d) Apply the Discounted Payback Period and comment on your result. (Assume that preset time is 5 years) e) Apply the Profitability Index and comment on your result. Which technique is best and why?

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