What is the main idea of the text? 2. What does the phrase (excessive use can fuel feelings of anxiety) mean? 3. How does the writer define “social media network”? 4. According to the text, what do young people use social media for? Mention 3 points 5. In your opinion, what are the negative effects of social media that are not mentioned in the text? Mention 2 points. 6. What does compare and despair” attitude mean? Support your answer with examples from the text. 7. Find a word in the text that means charming or harassing someone on the internet). 8. Why do some adolescents choose to go through cosmetic surgeries? 9. Find a word/ phrase in the text that means (people who are familiar with the technology of computers and the internet from an early age). 10. From your point of view, suggest two ways that can be used to limit the time teenagers spend on social media.

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