Which of the following is NOT true about the extinction vortex? A inbreeding and genetic drift are a function of small population size B. loss of genetic variability leads to reduced fitness C. reduced fitness leads to lower reproduction D. increased fitness leads to higher mortality 2. Which series of conservation status is in the correct order? A.extinct endangered near threatened critically endangered Bendangered critically endangered vulnerable near threatened C. extinct critically endangered vulnerable – least concern Dendangered extinct near threatened vulnerable 3. Disturbances typically A Have no effect on a system B. Bring in additional nutrients to a system C. Cause loss of nutrients to a system 4. Nutrient availability in the oceans is not driven by: A. upwelling currents driven by Coriolis effect B. trophic cascades C. disturbance of sediments D. turnover associated with destratification 5. Habitat fragmentation often leads to A. increases in availability of resources B. decreased genetic diversity C. decreased inbreeding D. increased immigration and emigration А В. С. D 6. Which is not one of the threats to biological diversity? Pollution Habitat loss Biophilia Overharvesting

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