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Define the term posterior prevalence as it applies to homeotic genes. What would the segment identities be along the anterior-posterior axis if the abdB gene was forcibly expressed in all the abdominal and thoracical segments?

During your morphological examination of the house flies you captured, you find that many contain fungal spores of Beuvaria bassiana, a parasitic fungus of various arthropods. This member of the Ascomycota, or sac fungi, projects their hyphae through the body of their hosts, where the cytoplasm unites in a process known as hyphae are projected through the body of the insect forming the fruiting body, which undergoes _, or fusion of the nuclei. Monokaryotic, plasmogamy, karyogamy Plasmogamy, dikaryotic, karyogamy Karyogamy, monokaryotic, plasmogamy Plasmogamy, monokaryotic, karyogamy

At least Roy and Zeke were not thinking as Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, that “Farmer John’s resistant house flies were the result of: O…Nothing, because this is not a real person. O …aposematism, which protected them from predation.” …preexisting phenotypes/genotypes in the population which were favored during selection with insecticide use.” …parent flies, which gained resistant qualities during their lives and passed them to offspring.” While sampling house flies, you encounter two workers arguing over the type of selection that resulted in the resistant population found on Farmer John’s dairy. Roy seems to think its artificial selection, and Zeke seems adamant that it’s natural selection at work. Who’s right, and why?

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