Which statement for DNA forensics is wrong? A) Variable number tandem repeats (VNTR), or minisatellite are prominent in the centromeres and telomeres, and have the highest diversities compared to other methods (microsatellites and mitochondrial DNAs). It doesn’t need PCRs. B) Autosomal microsatellites are shorter sequence repeats, and have less genetic diversity compared to minisatellites. They need PCRs to resolve alleles, but are commonly used in forensics. C) Y-Chromosome microsatellites have less genetic diversity due to lack of recombination in Y and cannot differentiate between DNA from fathers and sons, or from male siblings, yet they are still used in genealogy studies. D) mitochondrial DNA size is small but it has hypervariable regions, therefore they are also used in forensics such as in murder determination.

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