Several kinds of sexual mosaicism are well documented in humans. Mosaicism is when some cells in the body have a different genotype than other cells in the body. The genotypes shown below are those of mosaic tissues. E.g. an XX/XO mosaic has some cells that are XX and some that are XO (where X is an X-chromosome, and O is a lack of an X-chromosome). Note we are not talking about twins, we are talking about a single individual. Suggest how each of the following examples may have arisen by nondisjunction in mitosis. Your explanation should include the genotype of original zygote (in terms of X and Y chromosomes) and where the non-disjunction occurred to result in the described mosaicism: Note: there can be more than one correct answer for some. Come up with one reasonable explanation for each (there may be multiple in some cases, but one is sufficient). State any assumptions you have made. Mosaicism of XX/XO (that means that there are two cell types in the body, some have the XX genotype and others have an XO genotype, where O refers to no other sex chromosome) a. b. XX/XXYY

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