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Fandango Participatory Analysis Attached Files: Fandango_Analysis_Chart.pdf (67.545 KB) For this short written assignment, look at the discussions about participatory music, son jarocho, and the fandango. Respond to the following questions in paragraph from: 1. What is participatory music? Begin with Turino’s or your summary definition. 2. What is son jarocho and what is the fandango? (include origins, instruments, and dance). Briefly introduce son jarocho and then explain what the fandango is in relationship to the musical genre. 3. How is the fandango a participatory music? Describe 1-2 specific participatory characteristics found in the fandango. Use the fandango chart to help you parse through the different characteristics that are apparent in a fandango celebration. 4. What are some goals of participatory music? What do you think the goal of a fandango would be? Dane

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