Analogous or Homologous? Both the cow and the monkey have a specialized stomach that helps them to digest their plant based foods: grass for the cow and leaves for the monkey. The common mammalian ancestor of cows and monkeys DID NOT have a specialized digestive tract. Is this trait an analogy or a homology? Explain your answer. HTML Editora B I VA -A- IE E. D O V 11xx, ! E T 12pt – Paragraph – Question 2 0.1 pts Analogous or Homologous? Both chimps and humans have mammary glands. This trait was also shared by their last common ancestor. Having mammary glands is an ancestral trait in these species. Is this trait an example of an analogy or a homology? Explain your answer. HTML Editora BIVA-AI: EE311xx, E – S O N V D T 12pt Paragraph – Understanding Patterns in the Primate Family Tree Look at the Primate Family Tree below then answer the questions that follow. New evolutionary tree for primates Late Cretaceous Paleocene Today’s 98 85 65 55 Primates Millions of Years Ago Earliest fossil primates Earliest common ancestor Early monkeys Extinction of dinosaurs KEY: 1. Lemurs 2. Lorises 3. Tarsiers 4. New World monkeys 5. Old World monkeys 6. Apes & humans Question 3 0.1 pts When did the earliest common mammalian ancestor to the primates live? HTML Editor BI YA – AIX E X11 1 XX, – DC V V V T : 12pt 12pt E . Paragraph O words Question 4 0.1 pts When does the earliest fossil primate appear? HTML Editora BIU A:AIE 11 X ⓇEE – DO 2 V O TE 12pt – Paragraph – O words Question 5 0.1 pts What major event precedes the appearance of the primates? B = 1 D 9 A OD = = = = A: I V = = V = 12pt HTML Editora = – Paragraph – © O words

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