Outline the journey of bile, starting with the location where it is made and ending with the location where it aids in digestion. 16. At right is a figure (from your textbook) of a type of cpithelial tissue. Where in the digestive system is this specific type found? 17. Through which blood vessels does blood flow after it leaves the peritubular capillaries of the nephron? Please list as many specific steps as possible. 18. How does a cortical nephron differ from a juxtaglomerular nephron? 19. During the luteal phase of the ovarian cycle, what is going on anatomically at the (A) ovary and (B) uterus? 20. A man and a woman had sexual intercourse, and the man ejaculated into the woman’s vagina. Where will the sperm go next? Please list multiple locations in the order that the sperm encounter them.s

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