Blood clots in arteries, for example in the coronary vessels, can be dissolved by injecting streptokinase into the blood. Streptokinase is formed by bacteria and rapidly breaks down the blood clot. The first treatment with streptokinase is much more effective than the second treatment. The diagram below shows the concentration of anti-streptokinase antibodies in the blood after the first and second injection of streptokinase, respectively. The second injection occurred 10 weeks after the first.

There are no axes for the graph!


The picture shows the amount of anti-streptokinase antibodies in the blood depending on the time after injection for the number of weeks.

Solid line = first injection

Dashed line = second injection
a) Compare the effect of first and second injection streptokinase during the first 4 weeks. How can the difference in immunological response be explained?

b) What is the reason why the manufacturer does not recommend the use of streptokinase in the event of a second clot shortly after the first?

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