None of the above In prokaryotes, transcription occurs on a template strand that is read from (A) only 5 to 3′ direction (B) only 3 to 5′ direction (C) both 5 to 3′ and 3′ to 5′ directions (D) None of the above (E) All of the above 1. The heterogeneous nuclear RNA are synthesized by A) RNA polymerase I (B) RNA polymerase lI (C) RNA polymerase I (D) ribosomal RNA polymerase (E) None of the above 8. 2 Which of the following enzyme is responsible for synthesizing an RNA molecule from the DNA? (A) RNA polymerase (B) DNA polymerase (C) RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (D) Reverse Transcriptase (E) A and D 9. The rRNA are synthesized by (A) RNA polymerase I (B) RNA polymerase lI (C) RNA polymerase III (D) nuclear RNA polymerase (E) None of the above 3. Except for U’s the sequence of mRNA transcript is similar 10. Termination of transcription in bacteria to this DNA strand (A) non-template strand (B) template strand (C) both template and non-template strands (D) All of the above (E) Not related to template or non-template strands (A) ccurs at a specific site that is stable to changes (B) requires transcription of the sequences signaling (C) is unaffected by sequences that are not in (D) İS triggered by RNA polymerase’s interaction (E) requires accessory proteins in temperature. termination proximity to the termination site. The function of bacterial sigma factor is to (A) (B) 4. with DNA sequences. allow assembly of RNA polymerase. catalyze the formation of phosphodiester bonds during RNA polymerization. shuttle cytoplasmic RNA polymerase to promoter sequences. increase the affinity of RNA polymerase for promoter sequences. remove core enzyme from DNA and attaches it to a promoter. 11 In eukaryotes, transcribed genes are not repaired when (C) (D) (E) DNA damage occurs (A) True (B) Falls 12. TFnH

describe briefly the stages of bone development. 

Describe the general features of each of the following recognized genus of Gram-positive cocci: a. Staphylococcus b. Micrococcus

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