Describe differences between the male and female pelves and relate the differences in structure to their functional differences. 7. Know the major markings of the pelvic bones, and be able to distinguish the true pelvis from the false pelvis and the pelvic inlet from the outlet. 8. Name the bones of the lower limb. Know their locations, articulations, and important markings. 9. Describe the arches of the foot and understand their function, 10. Describe development of the curvatures of the vertebral column, and be able to describe kyphosis, lordosis, and scoliosis. 11. Classify joints by structure and by function. 12. Describe the structure of fibrous joints. Name and give an example of each of the 3 common types of fibrous joints. 13. Describe the structure of cartilaginous joints. Name and give an example of each of the 2 common types of cartilagenous joints. 14. Describe the structure of synovial joints, and know the factors that contribute to the stability of synovial joints. 16. Name and describe the common body movements. 17. Name and provide examples of the 6 types of synovial joints and describe the movements allowed by each type.

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