Describe the structure and function of each of the five characteristics tha individually and together define the phylum Chordata. This topic was locked Apr 1 at 11:59pm. Search entries or author Unread o

Describe how and why polyunsaturated lipids supress transcription of Fatty acids and SREBPs.

. Explain how would you prepare 300 mL LB agar medium to pour plates. Using the recipe from the question above, explain how much g/mL of each component are required to prepare the same volume of media and same final concentration of components but using components in powder form, supplement with agar using standard concentration [from question 2] LB AGAR – 300 ML Final Component Concentration Mass of Solute Calculation Tryptone 1.0 % V/V Yeast extract NaCl Agar 0.5 0.03 6 % wlv % w/v g/L g dH20 300 mL

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