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Describe how most of the CO2 from Earth’s early atmosphere was removed. b) Where is all that CO2 today?

The internal heat flux of Neptune. From luminosity measurements the effective temperature Te is found to be 58. K and the surface temperature Ts is found to be 46 K. What is the heat flux of Neptune due to internal sources? Report your answer in either (CGS or MKS units of energy/area-time or standard Earth heat flow units of milli Watts/sq.m) Show steps and calculations. Compare your value with the average Earth heat flow. Speculate on what the internal heat source of Neptune might be. (Note: Review notes on blackbody radiation and heat flow of gas giants and terrestrial planets (pdf posted on huskyct and handout given in class. You will need to look up Stefan-Boltzmann’s constant. Stefan-Boltzmann’s constant, often written as o, is NOT the same as Boltzmann’s constant, often written as k.)

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