1. Describe how the trochlea (anterior) and the olecranon fossa (posterior) articulate with the olecranon of the ulna to form the elbow joint.
  2. Identify whether the different parts of the ulna and radius are proximal or distal. Use these directions to compare where the head of the radius and head of the ulna are located.
  3. How can you distinguish between the ilium, ischium and pubic bone?
  4. How can you distinguish a right from a left forearm?
  5. The sacrospinous ligament converts the greater sciatic notch into the greater and lesser sciatic foramina. Multiple structures pass through these foramina, including the largest nerve, the sciatic nerve. Compression of the sciatic nerve results in what syndrome?
  6. The greater and lesser trochanters, and linea aspera do not contribute to joints. What do you suspect is their function? Think of how surface features on bone normally form!
  7. Describe the shape of the medial and lateral condyles. These form the knee joint, along with the tibial condyles. Which is larger?

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