Describe in detail what happens at the trp operon when tryptophan is present. Make sure you mention where things bind, etc. Feel free to draw a picture if that will help. (No need to mention attenuation in this problem. I am interested in transcriptional regulation only). 2. Explain how negative regulation of gene expression happens in bacteria through the use of small noncoding RNAs. 3. What might happen to the cell if the LacZ gene were to be mutated? Be detailed. Do not just say that the cell would die. 4. Core promoters in eukaryotes can have many elements. The TATA box is an example. Name 2 others and mention where they would typically be found in relation to either TATA or the +1 site. 5. What is the PIC and how does it form? 6. Methylation of CpG islands in DNA decreases gene expression. How does methylation affect gene expression in this way? 1. Name 2 differences between the lac and trp operons.

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