Effect temperature on Enzyme reaction rate


  1. What are enzymes? Describe of the structure of an enzyme and explain the importance of its structure.
  2. What is the function of enzymes? Describe what they do.
  3. What is the energy of activation? What do enzymes do with respect to activation energy? How do they accomplish this?
  4. What was the substrate for the reaction? What was the product?
  5.  How did you determine if a reaction had occurred?
  6. What is a spectrophotometer? Why did you use a spectrophotometer? What wavelength of light did you use for the spectrophotometer? Why?
  7. Summarize the results you obtained.
  8. Interpret and explain the results.
  9. What is enzyme denaturation? What happens to the enzyme when it is denatured? Why?
  10.  What is enzyme coagulation? What happens to the enzyme when it is coagulated? Why?
  11. What is enzyme inactivation? What happens to the enzyme when it is inactivated? Why?
  12. Did any of the above (denaturation, coagulation, inactivation) occur in your experiment? Explain. What is your evidence?
  13. Identify at least 4 sources of error that either did affect your results or might have affected your results and explain how each would affect the results. (Note: to state that the results would be incorrect is not an explanation of how the results would be affected. Would the results be erroneously high or low and why?)

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