Describe 4 stages of chronic renal failure

List the steps and describe the lytic life cycle. Explain each step-in detail. Please use a separate sheet of paper for your answers.

Detecting Viruses: Plaque Assay Explain what the pour-plate technique is and why it is used for plaque assays? a. You inoculated a plate with 0.1 mL of a 10-4 dilution. The plate now contains 10-5of original phage sample. Suppose you subsequently counted 47 plaques on the plate. What would the original phage density be? Show work. b. You performed a plaque assay using the stock of T4 bacteriophage. Your results show an average of 380 plaques when you assay 0.1ml of a dilution that was prepared by mixing 1 part of the original virus solution that contained 999,999 parts of buffer. What is the titer of your original stock of bacteriophage? Show work c.

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