21.Besides the ability of some cancer cells to over proliferate, which of the following situations might logically result in a tumor?

A) failure of cells to enter S phase
B) inability to form spindles
C) changes in the order of cell cycle stages

D) lack of tumor suppressor genes.

22.All of the following occur during prometaphase of mitosis in animal cells except.

a) the centrioles move toward opposite poles

b) sister chromatids separate

c) the nuclear envelope disappears

d)the nucleolus can no longer be seen.

25. the following questions consist of five phrases or sentences to the control of cell division . Select the letter that best fits each statement

a)platelet derived growth factor

b)maturation promoting factor

c)lgf growth factor

d) anaphase promoting complex

e) cyclin dependent kinase

inhibited unattached kinetochores during metaphase.

28.which of the following statement describes an example of cooperativity associated with enzyme regulation.

a) binding of the end product of a metabolic pathway to the first enzyme in the pathway to inhibit the enzyme

b) binding of an ATP molecule along with another substrate molecule in the active site of the enzyme

c) one enzyme in a metabolic pathway passing its product to act as a substrate for the next enzyme in the pathway.

d) binding a substrate to one subunit of a tetramer stimulus faster binding of substrate to each of the other three subunits.

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