1. The clam, snail, and octopus are all molluscs. The muscular foot of a snail is homologous to (i.e. derived from the same structure as) which one of these? a. Shell of the clam b. Siphon tube of the clam. c. Mouth of the octopus. d. Head of the octopus e. The visceral mass of the snail.


  1. The chloroplasts of land plants are thought to have been derived according to which evolutionary sequence? a. cyanobacteria -> green algae -> fungi -> land plants b. cyanobacteria -> red algae -> green algae -> land plants c. cyanobacteria -> green algae -> land plants d. red algae -> brown algae -> green algae -> land plants
  2. Describe the adaptive immune response of Rift Valley Fever. How did the pathogen try to fight (both typical and specific to this pathogen)? And what did the pathogen do to save itself?

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