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Describe the challenges faced by the xerox company from a global perspective in inventorying its products or services. What are the options? Which is the best option? Make recommendations to resolve the challenges in xerox company in inventorying its products or services.

F (2) a Fa) D (2) 23. Given the above bill of materials, if the demand for product A is 50 units, what will be the gross requirement for component D? (a) 50 (b) 100 (c) 150 (d) 200 (e) 300 Proposed Method □ DATE SHEET NO. 1-OF-1. Present Method PROCESS CHART SUBJECT CHARTED Hamburger Assembly Process DEPARTMENT CHART BYK — TIME IN DIST CHART SYMBOLS PROCESS DESCRIPTION IN FEET MINS. Meat Patty in Storage -05-1 D pyta D▼ [Transfer to Broiler 250 -15 Broiler 5ㅡ ㅡ ㅣ ●ゆ区] D ▼[Visual Inspection Transfer to Rack Temporary Storage 10 O5 DV 15 1O 0-1 G(→ ■ ■ ▼ [Assemble Order CD perl D▼|Obta in Buns,Lettuce, etc 5-1-0 5 ID ■ D▼I-Place in-Finish Rack Operation time Tola oTALS value-added time-Operation time/Total time (2.50+.20)/3.15 85.7%, @ = operation; 뺘= transport; ■ = inspect;区-delay;▼_ storage. 24 Given the above process chart, what is the total none-value added time? (a) 2.5 (b) 2.7 (c) 0.45 (d) 3.15 (e) 85.7%

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