Complete the following paragraph to describe the components of bacterial cells. that contains the ribosomes Prokaryotic bacteria are surrounded by a to regulate the entry and exit of materials through the cell, the to help maintain cell shape and structure, and the which aids against drying out and protects bacteria from a host’s immune system. glycocalyx plasma membrane In prokaryotes, the plasma membrane can form internal pouches called which are thought to increase the internal surface area for the attachment of enzymes in metabolic activity cell wall nucleoid plasmids The DNA of a prokaryote is arranged in a single coiled chromosome located in a region called the nucleoid. Some prokaryotes carry genes on extrachromosomal pieces of circular DNA called plasmids. conjugation pili fimbriae Embedded within a semifluid solution within the plasma membrance called the — are small particles called that function in protein synthesis. cyanobacteria cell envelope Some prokaryotes, such as the blue-green cyanobacteria, are photosynthetic and contain where chlorophyll and other pigments absorb energy from the sun to produce carbohydrates via photosynthesis. flagella thylakoids Some bacteria contain appendages such as flagella, which are long whiplike structures that aid in locomotion, or fimbriae, which are small bristelike fibers that function in attachment, or conjugation pili, which are short tubular structures that aid in the exchange of genetic material. cytoplasm mesosomes Reset

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