Describe the 3 components of the hypersensitive response, and how each protects the plant. 

Make sure to give as many details as possible.

-Which of the following will most likely recognize a piece of single strand DNA (present in a ssDNA virus) with the sequence AAGGGGAA

a-Restriction enzyme with target site ACCA
 b-CRISPR system with template strand GGGG
 c-CRISPR system with coding strand GGAA d-CRISPR system with coding strand GGGG
2- Which of the following are involved in transcriptional regulation of the lactose operon (positive and negative)?     LacI   cAMP   CRP   arabinose   3- Which of the following can likely be incorporated into a growing DNA chain by DNA polymerase III?     Uracil   Nucleotides with a hydrogen group bonded to both the 2′ position and a hydroxyl group bonded to the 3′ position   Nucleotides with hydrogens bonded to both the 2′ and 3′ positions   Nucleotides with hydroxyl groups bonded to both the 2′ and 3′ positions   

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