Evaluate the paragraph that describes the development of a novel influenza virus strain, choosing the best answer from the drop down boxes to complete the scenario. Influenza is caused by one of three types of virus: A, B, C, and the (Click to select)y of each is segmented, comprising seven or eight strands of (Click to select). Certain types of virus can infect both humans and (Click to select), whereas others infect both swine and birds. All of them contain genes for the virulence factors hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N), albeit in a difference sequence. (Click to select) binds to the host cell receptors allowing entry into the cell, and (Cack to select breaks down mucus and contributes to budding and release from the host. If a virus is transmitted from a human to a Click to select) at the same time that another virus is transmitted from a bird to a (Click to select these two different types of virus can infect the same (Click to select) cell. This Increases the likelihood that an error in (Click to select) will result in a virus with seven strands of RNA from the human-originated virus and a single strand from the virus that was transmitted from the bird. If the newl virus is able to infect a human, proteins coded for by the bird virus RNA will not be recognized by the human (Click to select). regardless of whether or not the individual received a flu vaccine. In the event of a pandemic arising from this type of genetic shuffling, an additional vaccine will have to be created, since the annual flu vaccine accounts only for genetic (Click to select) not genetic (Click to select)

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