Read the accompanying article and thoughtfully answer the following questions. You should not use any direct quotes or exact wording from the original work. In science, this is consider plagiarism and you will be graded accordingly. While we will discuss the article in class, be advised that your grade for this reading assignment is solely dependent upon the completeness of your written typed answers. 1. Describe the differences in plasticity between embryonic and adult stem cells. 2. What is the only location from which one can isolate ESC? 3. In what year did the first successful bone marrow transplant occur? 4. What is meant by the terms:totipotent, pluripotent, and multipotent. Give a cell example for each 5. Describe an alternative method, using stem cell technology, to study diseased tissue. 6. Propose a mechanism of using stem cells to treat reproductive disorders. 7. (a) According to the authors, why is stem cell research controversial in America? (b) What is your opinion on this issue? 8. Who/ what controls the type of ESC research that occurs in America?

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