The Forces of Evolution-Worksheet What are some ways populations have changed over time? They may be influenced by What may prevent some individuals from reproducing successfully? Natural Selection lection? Can you list some requirements for populations to evolve via natural se Genetic Drift Why do you think genetic drift affects smaller population’s more than larger populatic Exercise 1 What mechanism of evolution do you think this exercise focuses on? Hypothesis: The Thinking Citizen Lions and tigers are considered to be separate species. However, they can interbreed. A tigon is the offspring of a male tiger and a female lion. A liger is the opposite cross: a male lion and a female tiger. Male tigons and ligers are probably sterile, while females of both hybrids can have offspring. Do lions and tigers conform to the biological species concept? Which of the three stages of speciation has not occurred in these species? You might want to consult a range map 4. showing where lions and tigers live. If this stage were to occur, what do you predict about the final outeoma?

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