r Questions Define a typical fish.(In your definition, list six defining characteri cae fian in my der ontin ow do most fishes swim by means of forward propulsion? Describe and illustrate the basic mechanism. A3. Define the following structures: ventral aorta, branchial arch,afferent and efferent branchial artries. SA4. Sketch/label a gill filament and the lamellae of a bony fish; show directions of water flow and blood flow. Indicate which blood vessels contain oxygen-poor and oxygen-rich blood. Use the back of the page.

How is it that allele frequencies can still fluctuate in absence of genetic drift, migration and mutation?

b) Describe the impact of migration on the stability of allele frequencies.

c) Describe the impact of mutation on the stability of allele frequencies. Is a higher mutation rate likely to cause the lost of some alleles?

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