A key feature of all animal viral infections is the a. integration of viral DNA into the host genome b. disintegration (destruction) of host DNA c. addition of an envelope d. separation of viral nucleic acid from the capsid e. extracellular uncoating 3. Skin and mucous membranes are the first line of nonspecific defense b. are the first line of specific defense c. act as physical barriers to infection d. contain antimicrobial secretions e. a, c and d 4. Complement a. is a nonspecific defense reaction b. disrupts the cytoplasmic membrane of invading bacteria c. is part of the specific defense system d. is a group of proteins e. a, b and d 5. Which of the following shows the highest phagocytic activity? a. NK cells b. Pmns involved in ADCC c. Tc cells d. Macrophages involved with a parasitic infection e. None of the above

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