lymphatic vessels are similar to the venous circuit of the cardiovascular system 4) because; A) Both vessels operate under high pressure. C) Both vessels have trunks E) All are correct B) Both vessels feed into capillary beds. D) Both vessels have a thick tunica media. F) None is correct The reasonto my answer is; 5) Which of the following is a true statement regarding this chapter? A) Lymphatic vessels operate under high-pressure B) The cells of lymphatic capillaries are loosely joined by desmosomes. C) Lymphatic vessels belong to a two-way system that drains lymphatic capillaries. D) Lymph flow is driven in part by contraction of smooth muscle in the walls of lymph- collecting vessels. E) All are true statements F) None is a true statement (OMG) The reason to my answer is; 6) The lacteals in the small intestine, collect? A) carbohydrates E) all are correct B) blood C) fat D) intracellular fluid The reason to my answer is; 7) How would you best describes the lymphatic capillaries? A) impermeable to substances C) extremely permeable and more porous E) all are correct about the lymphatic capillariesF) none is correct about the lymphatics B) transport blood and other substances D) two-way circuit to and from the heart The reason to my answer is;

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