Which of the following statements about mammalian DNA replication initiation is NOT correct? replication initiates stochastically (having a random probability distribution) at thousands of locations, primarily within non-transcribed zones b. formation of a pre-replication complex (pre-RC) begins with DNA pol a/primase at sites marked by the ORC-Cdc in addition to helicases, various accessory factors such as GINS and CDK activity are required for assembly of the pre-replication (pre-RC) complex d. rearrangement of an inactive to an active MCM complex at the pre-RC leads to activation (firing) RPA is recruited to ssDNA C. e. A B СЕ 6. c. Which of the following statements about mammalian replication is NOT correct? a. DNA is “read” in the 3′->5/ direction and the new strand synthesized in the 5->3′ direction b. the entire genome is replicated the reaction can be written as: 5-(dNMP,-3-OH + dNTP -> 5-(NMP).-dNMP-3-OH + PP: d. the thermodynamic driving force for replication is the formation of the phosphodiester bonds the machinery necessary for replication the leading and lagging strands is called the replisome e. m A ОВ u

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