In females, what is the PATH the body? WAY of the follicle stimulation hormone (FSH) and what is its target in 8. In females, what is the PATHWAY of the luteinizing hormone (LH) AND when it is secreted what it target in the body? 9. The corpus luteum secretes which stimulates growth. 10. The placenta releases barShon integrity of the and promotes the continued secretion of 11. Describe the negative feedback role of: Inhibin Progesterone: Estrogen: 12. Describe the initial steps of fertilization reuaes nya laron doseawgalun nidase atomposes tha Corona rad.da→ coron a radora doompor54 sperm enter uten, s →’enchS the uterine tuoes-, encores eag 13. nerves A. The will cause ejaculation. _ nerves will cause an erection and the B. The neurotransmitter inresults in an erection. The enzyme reduces an erection C. List the 2 roles of Viagra 14. Describe how the pill works and how the morning after pill worksi? Pill: Morning After Pill:

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