The noise that is present In a room, even when it is empty, s a. Static b. Ambient Noise c. Reverberation d. Background noise 13. A person who has a severe hearing loss and who is not wearing a hearing ald may a. Perceive speech as vibrations Recognize speech fairly the words spoken In the presence of noise Barely even hear voices, unless the talker is speaking loudly Get most of the message, unless conversing in b. well in qulet situations, but may recognize only about S0 percent of C. d. situation 14. The advantage afforded by adding hearing to vision is known as: a. Speechreading b. Speechreading enhancement C. A normalized ratio d. Audition-plus-vision speech recognition 15. The least popular style of hearing aid sold in the United States is: a. ITE b. BTE d. Body Aid a. A drop in hearing sensitivity due to a conductive component. b. A low frequency drop in hearing sensitivity associated with a noise induced hearing loss. c. A drop in hearing sensitivity around 4K Hz associated with a noise induced hearing loss d. A drop in hearing sensitivity around 1K Hz associated with a congential hearing loss 16. A noise notch refers to: related to prenatal noise exposure. 17. Training with an emphasis on recognizing individual speech sounds our syllables is: a. Synthetic Training b. Analytic Training c. Phoneme Based d. Word Based Training

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